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Stargate Universe

Anticipating the third Stargate tv series
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Community Info
This is a community for all things Stargate Universe, the planned third tv series in the Stargate franchise!

Here we can keep track of all the tantalising details of the show as and when they're released, speculate on their meaning and you know, just generally squee!

Spoiler Policy: General information and details about the show and production are at the moment not classed as spoilers. When the time comes for episode or character specifics to be released these should be placed behind an lj-cut.
Series Info
* The series will be set on a ship that was part of an Ancient experiment set in motion millions of years ago.

* The Ancients sent out two ships; an automated vessel to place Stargates throughout multiple galaxies in our universe, and a second ship to follow up and explore.

* However, with the Ancients occupied with plagues, wars and ascention they never saw this experiment to fruition.

* Present day SG personnel will use the ninth chevron to reach this second, still unmanned Ancient ship.

* And the adventures will begin!

* With desires of making more SG-1 movies and a lack of wanting to return to producing 40 episodes of television per year the production and broadcasting of Universe is still to be confirmed.

Keep check of all that's said with our Masterlist of Interviews & Articles.
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